Facilitator. Trainer. Coach.

I’m Rosita Choy, and I’m a facilitator, trainer, and coach. Before becoming a consultant, I worked as a full-time staff person in various nonprofits for more than twenty years. I believe passionately in promoting sustainable organizational cultures and practices. As a consultant, I facilitate staff, board, and stakeholder meetings and group decision-making. To strengthen organizations and their staff, I offer training and coaching, with an emphasis on power and cross-cultural dynamics. I am acutely aware of how gender, race, class, sexuality, ability, and immigration status, in addition to personality, affect group and interpersonal interactions.

I’ve been on every side of the nonprofit table: I’ve been in the position of board president, director, and assistant. I have experience in nearly all aspects of nonprofit management: direct services, fundraising, community organizing, training, policy, finance, and administration. Whatever your challenge is, it’s likely I’ve been there, too. I’ve walked in this world as an Asian-American immigrant from Latin America who grew up working-class and came out as a lesbian. I offer my skills and experience in service to social justice organizations and individuals.

(Photo by Joo Han)

Meeting Design and Facilitation

In order to plan and complete efforts, people must be able to have productive discussions and make decisions. I’ve facilitated and designed agendas for hundreds of meetings. Participants appreciate that my facilitation enables meetings to run smoothly with everyone’s voices heard. I specialize in the following:

  • Board Meetings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Staff Retreats
  • Trainings

Trainings and Workshops

I offer trainings and workshops to develop the skills of nonprofit staff. My presentation style is interactive and engaging. I customize trainings and workshops to build on participants’ existing knowledge and to address their most pressing needs. Participants leave workshops with tools and approaches that they can apply immediately in their workplaces.

(Photo by Joo Han)